\ ˈfor-mə-sē \ noun

  1. The art or practice of designing and producing appealing products, and of compounding and dispensing pleasing products according to prescriptions of interior designers.
  2. A place where design products are dispensed, a dispensary or shop.
  3. The science of the efficient and effective generation and development of ideas through a process that leads to new appealing products.
  4. The occupation of a formacist.



formacy is a small Melbourne based Product Design Bureau. All products are designed and made in Melbourne.

formacy is striving to elevate your general well being by prescribing functional products with minimalist appearance and an unexpected playful twist. May it be homewares, lights or furniture.

formacy curing your design cravings since 2018.


manuel canestrini

founder & designer

Manuel is an architect by trade and industrial designer by heart.

He founded and launched Melbourne based formacy in 2018 offering interior and product design.

Born and raised in Germany his designs are influenced by German Bauhaus aesthetics as well as efficient production methods. Calling Australia home since 2006 he gathered experience in diverse creative disciplines all over the country.

He is constantly striving to marry practicability and innovation with beauty and aesthetics in the objects he creates. For him design means the creation of something new and exciting, something useful that also pleases the eye.